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PGC's commitment to excellence in material conversion and part fabrication sets us apart. With over 70 years of experience, we are the most service-oriented and seasoned partner for businesses needing high-quality, precision-crafted parts and materials.  Our team of dedicated application engineers boasts profound skill in gasket technology, seals, adhesives, custom rubber gaskets, and electrical and thermal shielding, among others. We are fully equipped and eager to assist you in overcoming complex challenges and achieving your performance objectives.


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PGC's precision manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with various specialized components that solve problems and improve performance in demanding products.                               
Working with a wide range of materials, we can provide customizable sealing, protection, acoustic dampening, and structural stabilization technologies that meet the needs of the most complex assemblies. 

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Industry Experience

Our solutions cater to various low to high-volume applications, from medical equipment and military hardware to everyday lawnmowers, serving regional, national, and international clients. 

Quality Standards

PGC consistently achieves our quality objective of 99% lot acceptance. We are certified to meet the stringent requirements of ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D and maintain an up-to-date ITAR registration.

PGC maintains thorough shelf life and lot traceability data throughout our manufacturing process and has a comprehensive product compliance program to promptly provide RoHS, REACH, Proposition 65, and other global regulatory data.

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How We Do Our Part.

Contibutions to Landfills

As we produce millions of parts per year for our customers, we are conscious the raw materials used are only part of the manufacturing process and not the final product. PGC is proud to be a Zero Landfill Organization. 

Quality Score

PGC has exceeded 99% quality month over month for the past 5 years and counting.

Loyal Customers

With our commitment to the voice of the customer and the highest quality standards, we have been able to maintain over 100 individual customer relationships that exceed 25+ years.

Years of Manufacturing Experience

PGC's ability to retain tenured employees allows for significant experience and organizational knowledge.

People. Planet. Profit.

We are a Triple-Bottom-Line Company (People, Planet, and Profit) of lifelong learners who are impacting the planet with imaginative ideas and solutions for our customers. 

At PGC, we foster innovation and expertise through engagement, trust, and learning, creating value for our customers by serving our people. We are proud to be a Zero Landfill Organization. In acknowledging our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), PGC must prioritize supporting our planet with sustainability efforts. Profit isn’t simply about the bottom line; it is a tool we use to reinvest in new machines, software, and people. These strategic investments, which enhance the quality of our products and services, allow us to create efficiencies within our processes that we can relay downstream to our customers and employees.

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