People. Planet. Profit. - PGC's Triple Bottom Line

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People. Planet. Profit. - PGC's Triple Bottom Line

We take pride in contribution to the products that enhance, improve, and even save lives. 

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) making complex products in a broad range of industries, we offer a unique combination of engineering and manufacturing expertise in sealing, protection, noise damping, and stabilizing solutions – enhancing innovation and accelerating time to market.

We manufacture custom parts like gaskets, seals, and adhesive fastening, that solve problems and improve performance in complex products – everything from medical devices to military vehicles to lawn mowers for regional, national and global companies. 


Mission statement

We are a Triple-Bottom-Line Company (People, Planet, and Profit) of life-long learners who are impacting the planet with imaginative ideas and solutions for our customers. 



At PGC, we foster innovation and expertise through engagement, trust, and learning, creating value for our customers by serving our employees. 

People are intentionally listed first in our triple-bottom line (people, planet, and profit). Our business is structured around 3 pillars, one of them dedicated solely to people. Our success is measured by our ability to develop our employees to meet the opportunities and challenges of our business. Everyone counts in our success. 

Through communication, coordination, and collaboration, continuous learning, and a supportive cross-functional organizational structure, we create a culture of trust, empathy, and engagement, where employees can practice critical thinking, ask questions, hone current skills as well as learn new ones. 

PGC defines 8 Critical Success Factors that apply to everyone: attendance, performance, quality, safety, high-anchor behaviors, humble, hungry, and people-smart. We communicate these to employees in terms of building high trust relationships, being a team player, and ultimately, how each of us do our part to keep PGC a safe, kind, and enjoyable place to work.


PGC is proud to be a Zero Landfill Organization. In acknowledging our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it is imperative that PGC prioritizes supporting sustainability efforts. As we produce millions of parts per year for our customers, we are conscious the raw materials used are only part of the manufacturing process and not the final product. The waste created through the manufacturing process can include part webbing, slugs, excess material, pallets, and packaging. These items, amongst others, were quickly adding up and prior to our most recent initiative, PGC was producing approximately 192 tons of waste per year that would end up in local landfills. After recognizing a need for change, we have adopted a Waste Stream Management project that gives our tons of material waste a new purpose. 

PGC’s Waste Stream initiative redirected this waste to several markets that will reuse, recycle, and reinvent these materials into fuels that create commercial electricity and steam for building heat. PGC’s affected materials include rubber, plastic film, cardboard, paper, polyethylene foam, pallets, and metal. These materials are sent the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center (HERC), where they repurpose them to fuel and ultimately creates electricity and heat for Downtown Minneapolis. 

To learn more about how HERC uses these materials to produce energy, visit the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center website. 


At PGC, profit isn’t simply about the bottom line; it is a tool we use to reinvest in new machines, software, and people.  These investments allow for us to create efficiencies within our processes that we can then relay downstream to our customers and employees. In 2019, PGC invested in a Crusader Rotary Die Cutter, which provided a decrease in labor costs and an increase in productivity for many part programs. For example, for a single part program, we were able to decrease the labor hours by over 70% simply changing the way in which we manufacture it while maintaining quality. The speed at which we can produce parts to the customer sets us apart from others in the industry.

These investments are not limited to just in manufacturing advancements.  Many of the new software upgrades we invest in have allowed us a more streamlined approach in Finance, Quality Assurance, and Cyber Security. With our AS9100D certification, cyber-security becomes even more important and investing in infrastructure that allows for a higher level of protection is invaluable to all our customers, not only those in the Aerospace and Defense market.

Reinvesting time and profits into our organization allows PGC the opportunity to offer new solutions while still providing the high-quality parts when our customers come to us with complex projects that need PGC’s support.