Different Die-Cutting Techniques at PGC

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Different Die-Cutting Techniques at PGC

Different Die-Cutting Techniques at PGC

Converting raw material into the part you need takes the right technique and precision cutting.  We work with highly engineered materials including composites, foam, rubber, plastics, adhesives, thermal material and much more.  We take your part specifications to engineers, then manufacturing where we cut these materials into your non-metallic parts.  To get the parts you need PGC looks to different techniques of cutting.

Cutting Techniques

  • Steel rule

  • Laser

  • Rotary

Steel Rule Die-Cutting

Steel rule dies are cutting tools made by shaping sharp-edged steel by hand or machine and placing it into a precut wooden base to hold shape and specific tolerances.  When mounted in a machine such as a high-speed press, it is a common, simple, and inexpensive way to cut material.

Precision- Edges are clean and each piece is cut with little variation

Variety of Materials- Can cut soft to semi-rigid materials

Economical- Inexpensive, short set-up time and is an efficient, cost-effective way to cut short to medium run jobs

Advantages of Laser Cutting

The laser is directed at the material and when it makes contact it melts, burns, and vaporizes the material.  What is left behind is a high-quality part with a very clean edge

Quality- Using the laser delivers high accuracy parts and because of this it can better accommodate tight tolerances

Contactless Cutting-  Only the laser beam meets the material, so there is no wear or damage that could happen to the tool

Automation- Laser cutting programs deliver progressive steps needed to create complex parts

Advantages of Rotary Die-Cutting

Speed- Processes large production runs quickly and efficiently

Less Waste- Rotary can be configured to result in less waste which is not only more economical for the company, but also better for the environment

Multipurpose- Can perform several processes in line, saving time and money

PGC’s engineers will help you determine which process is best for your part program.  Contact us today.