Keeping up with Demand: Third Zund Added

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Keeping up with Demand: Third Zund Added

PGC Digital Cutting: An advanced converting technology platform with robust engineering and automation capabilities.

As a leading manufacturer of cutting/converting solutions for over 70 years, PGC has been developing digital cutting technology for two decades.   Today, PGC has several defined platforms that include a wide range of both equipment and contract manufacturing solutions.   Our digital cutting systems now have streamlined production processes, including a user-friendly interface that ensures simple, efficient operation and high productivity, while providing relevant data on performance.

Digital cutting eliminates dies and allows manufacturing directly from “art to part.”   An oscillating knife cuts through material held in place by a powerful vacuum, eliminating the need for large format presses and dies.

To keep up with demand and ensure the highest quality custom parts continue to be manufactured, PGC has added a third Zund to the manufacturing floor.  It enables PGC to better manage workflow which leads to increased plant throughput of quality customer parts every day.  Jobs can be setup quickly making it easy to switch from different jobs and less down time.  The flexibility allows us to react more quickly to changes in production requirements saving time and money.

Zund’s multifunctional and digital cutting system works perfectly for the industries we serve.  The modularity of the Zund cutting system is unique.  With a wide range of tools for cutting, routing, punching and even labeling & marking, we can adapt to new requirements with modifications and upgrades.  The added pneumatic oscillating system brings a high-performance, powerful, low-maintenance tool that allows us to cut tough, dense materials but can also handle soft, thicker ones. The high precision of the drive system and cutting blade work together to produce the high-quality parts our customers expect.

Material efficiency is always a concern.   Automated nesting software optimizes material yield and reduces waste.   Digital cutting allows the parts to often be placed closer together than die cut systems, due to not having to eject parts out of a die.

Digital cutting increases our customers’ latitude for creative new part solutions, with a wide spectrum of cuttable materials and processing methods for increased customization.   Perhaps some concepts are not currently on your radar, and you’re curious about our experiences?   Please contact us to explore the possibilities!