Sealing Solutions For RFID Scanner Technology

Sealing Solutions For RFID Scanner Technology


One of PGC’s customers offers efficient factory and process automation application solutions. An area they specialize in is human-machine interface products and RFID technology. With PGC’s years of experience, we were able to help our customers find the correct sealing solution for their parts.


PGC was asked to provide two water-tight and environmental seals for a hand-held RFID scanning device. Both seals needed to seal to IP67 and had to hold up to shock and vibration per MIL-STD-810G. One seal was for holding an acrylic window to a PC/ABS housing, and the other was for holding a glass LCD screen to the same PC/ABS housing. The real challenge came from selecting the right thickness of VHB, choosing the correct release liner, and determining which side the factory liner would be on.


Drawings were sent to our PGC team, where they were reviewed, and problem-solving began. PGC’s engineer worked with the customer to understand what the problem areas were, so they could best help them find a solution. It was determined that VHB would work best, and prototypes were sent to the customer to test. Three different thicknesses of VHB, two different release liners, and two different formats where the factory liner switched sides were tested. During the testing stage, it was determined which VHB seal was the solution for each area.


PGC was able to produce a successful seal in each area that met all of the customer’s expectations. As a result, both are in full production today.