3M™ VHB™ Tape & Skidsteer Window Panels

3M™ VHB™ Tape & Skidsteer Window Panels


An industrial off-road vehicle manufacturer contacted PGC to find a solution for the window panels on its skid steer vehicles. The manufacturer used a messy epoxy that took hours to cure and had to be reinforced with bolt fasteners. PGC had to find a solution that:

> Could be applied with no mess.

> Adhered to plastic and painted aluminum.

> Provided a leak-proof bond that could withstand the elements..

> Eliminated the need for physical fasteners.


Through the PGC discovery phase, we realized the physical bolts on the current window panels created an opportunity for leaks. Therefore, we needed to find a solution that did not require a physical fastener to eliminate leaks. The other challenge was finding an adhesive as durable and robust as epoxy but more manageable and more time-efficient to install.


The PGC engineers discovered 3M™ VHB™ adhesive tape could eliminate the need for bolts and streamline the installation process. VHB™ tape withstands stiff winds and extreme temperatures so well that the aeronautical industry uses it to seal aircraft windows. This made it an ideal choice for the manufacturer’s skid steers. Our engineers came up with an inventive way to package the adhesive tape so it collapses on itself for shipping without cutting the tape or wasting material.


Once we sent prototypes to the manufacturer for field testing, it became clear that our solution worked. As a result, we have shipped hundreds of our VHB™ tape solution to the company over the last 11 months, one of the fastest sales cycles we’ve experienced from discovery to development. The company is also considering our solution for window panels on other equipment.