3M VHB Tape & Acrylic Glass Railings

3M VHB Tape & Acrylic Glass Railings


An architectural railing company contacted PGC to develop a solution to the challenge its installation teams had in the field. The company designed and installed large-scale acrylic glass railings in stadiums and office buildings. Their striking designs relied on components that did not disrupt the clean, clear lines of the acrylic glass. Any adhesive or fastener must also be durable and easy for the crew to install.

At first, the company approached PGC to develop an acrylic glass donut that would be used as a spacer. They also needed a glue that would be easy to apply in the field. But after our rigorous discovery process, we realized we could provide a better solution.


Before arriving at our solution, the PGC engineers tested glue for the donut. As crews had reported, the bond was challenging to apply in the field, especially with gloved hands. Additionally, the current donut often required shimming to achieve a snug fit. This was an unnecessary step.


The PGC engineers discovered 3M™ VHB™ adhesive tape was the optimal solution for the railing company. It was a better adhesive than the glue and did not make a mess. It also enabled us to solve the installation issue. Instead of cutting the tape and its liner flush with the donut, PGC kiss-cut the tape and liner, leaving a little tab that on-site crews could rip off while wearing gloves. We also solved the shimming issue by creating a thicker donut.


PGC’s VHB™ solution eliminated the messy glue, made the donuts easier to install, and streamlined the installation process by eliminating the need to shim the donuts. The prototypes worked so well in field testing that the railing company reordered the donuts for other projects.