3M LCD Screen & VHB Tape

3M LCD Screen & VHB Tape


A manufacturer of medical devices hired PGC to create a solution for fastening a glass LCD screen to the plastic body of an infusion pump. This solution is meant to help the device withstand the rigors of heavy use and daily cleaning. When the manufacturer approached PGC, they had already selected the material for testing: 3M™ VHB™ Tape. The tape met multiple project requirements:

  • Bond the LCD screen to the housing for the life of the pump.
  • Seal to prevent liquid from entering the housing. This requirement was crucial, as the pump surfaces are sanitized with cleaning solutions regularly. The gasket also keeps out dust and other foreign elements.
  • Survive drop testing. The test proved that the screen stays securely attached when the pump is dropped. The acrylic foam material absorbs the impact energy, reducing the chances of the glass cracking.
  • Pass high-voltage testing. A static shock entering the housing could damage the pump electronics. 3M VHB Tape doesn’t conduct electricity, so it does an excellent job of insulation against shocks.

3M VHB Tape was an ideal choice for the gasket. But the stretchiness of the material presented PGC with challenges. The thin walls of the part and tight tolerances of the plastic housing and LCD made high-volume manufacturing and installation difficult. Also, it couldn’t be applied by hand. PGC engineers would need to manufacture the part to customer specifications and make the installation foolproof.


PGC engineers developed a unique liner with two die-cut holes in the center, which align with locating pins on the infusion pump. They added a thin layer of plastic to the paper liner to reinforce the holes and prevent tearing during installation. You simply slide the holes onto the pins and peel away the liner to install the gasket.


The customer was very pleased with the gasket that had been engineered to their specifications. And they were thrilled that PGC’s creative solution would ensure fail-safe installation. Equipped with an easy-to-install gasket that created a strong bond and seal, the customer could send the pump into the final stages of our customer’s design verification testing.