Plastic Foam

Plastic Foam


Plastic foams are available in a multitude of polymers such as Polypropylenes, polyethylene, blended PP/PE, Urethane Foams, polyester foams, and others. Cellular foams bring the best of plastics to gasketing as they offer closed or open-celled constructions with materials that have a wide range of temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and, ultimately, performance enhancements that other materials cannot meet. Many of these materials have superb strength and tear resistance yet stay very flexible to assist in the fabrication and installation of materials and parts. 



These foams have excellent buoyancy and are incredibly resistant to water, chemicals, solvents, and greases. Cellular foam or plastic materials are found in most or all products made today. Examples include Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural, construction, recreational, and electronics (both handheld and desktop).

Key Applications
  • Medical Devices
  • Chemical Processing
  • Construction and Agricultural Applications
  • Manage Vibration Control

Need A Sample?

PGC can provide material and adhesive samples for you to test the form, fit, and function of your application. Our engineers are here to assist with your requests.