Nickel-Aluminum vs. Silver-Aluminum for EMI Gaskets

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Nickel-Aluminum vs. Silver-Aluminum for EMI Gaskets


Nickel-aluminum shielding silicones offer greater price stability than silver-filled materials for EMI gaskets. Silver prices increased 45.4% last year and silver investments during the first week of 2021 rose 90% compared to the first seven days of 2020. That’s bad news for industrial buyers, many of whom are now looking for alternative materials. Nickel-aluminum silicones can combine EMI shielding with other performance properties, but engineers need to see the test data before switching from silver-aluminum.  PGC partners with Specialty Silicone Products to find the right combination of price, proof, and performance for your part.


SSP-2529 Nickel-Aluminum Silicone


SSP makes nickel-aluminum elastomers that combine price stability with proven performance, including third-party test data. For example, SSP-2529 is a 68-duromer nickel-aluminum product with an MIL-DTL-83528 EMI shielding report from D.L.S. Electronic Systems Inc. and an outgassing report from Pacific Testing Laboratories Inc. Visitors to the SSP website will also find a salt spray test report that compares SSP-2529 to a passivated silver-aluminum material from a competitor. In addition to a technical data sheet, there’s compression deflection data for testing performed according to ASTM D575 Method A.


SSP-2551 Nickel-Aluminum Fluorosilicone


Another SSP nickel-aluminum material, SSP-2551, is a 72-durometer fluorosilicone that’s backed by third-party test data. As with SSP-2529, D.L.S. Electronic Systems Inc. performed the MIL-DTL-83528 EMI shielding testing and Pacific Testing Laboratories Inc. provided the outgassing data. For both of these nickel-aluminum products, the outgas test met the requirements of ASTM E595, an industry standard used by NASA. For SSP-2551 fluorosilicone, product samples were tested both with and without pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA).


Low Outgassing Silicones and Better Gasket Designs


The data that SSP provides is part of what makes our Ballston Spa, New York (USA) company different. Other suppliers sell nickel-aluminum elastomers, but most of these materials aren’t backed by third-party testing. SSP shares test reports on its website and also listens to what you need. For example, as demand for satellite communications and spacecraft applications grow, we’re supplying low-outgassing EMI silicones that won’t cloud sensitive optics. The compression deflection data that you’ll find for SSP-2551 and SSP-2559 also make it easier to design enclosure gaskets and establish product specifications.  


More Choices for Nickel-Aluminum EMI Gaskets


Silver prices are expected to remain volatile in 2021, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the right combination of price, proof, and performance. Stay tuned for information about the coming release of a low-durometer nickel-aluminum product line from Specialty Silicone Products. In the meantime, contact us on-line for questions or a quote.


Written by SSP.