Misconceptions About Working In Manufacturing

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Misconceptions About Working In Manufacturing


Advances in technology have changed the way that goods are produced. Many manufacturing jobs today require highly specialized skills. When you hear manufacturing work, what image pops into your head?  Is it of a person with dirty and greasy hands?  If it is, you’re like 100’s of people who have the same thoughts.  In some cases there are manufacturing jobs where you do get dirty, but it’s far less often than you’d think.  The manufacturing industry our parents worked in is vastly different than the one we are experiencing now. New protocols and best safety practices are put into place that aid in keeping the manufacturing areas cleaner and a better work environment.

Poor Career Choice

Some manufacturing jobs may require less skill than others, but with the introduction of new technology to assist a more skilled workforce is needed.  People in manufacturing are using robots or other machinery to get the jobs done.  With these new technologies, there is a higher level of training and more mathematics going into the production of parts. These advancements have led to pay increases and makes manufacturing a more attractive career choice. The new skills needed to operate the machinery creates a more engaging and exciting environment. The need for an advanced skillset also sets up more opportunity for professional growth within the industry.

Men only

While men currently fill more than 50% of manufacturing jobs, and women remain underrepresented in many manufacturing jobs, the demographic data indicates that the gender composition of manufacturing is rapidly transforming as more women are selecting manufacturing careers. Women are finding that the mission of manufacturing provides a blend of technology, business and team experiences resulting in fulfilling careers.