Anodizing Masking Tape

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Anodizing Masking Tape

3M’s anodization masking tape is designed to protect parts against chromic anodization bath processes.  The tape is strong enough to resist tearing, scratching, puncture and moisture.  Developed to withstand the harshest of chemical baths and removes with a clean finish.  The extra step of tape removal is no longer needed and visual inspection is made easy with its translucent backing.  The anodization process is commonly used in military, aero, and automotive industries

What is the anodization process? 

Parts become anodized by submerging them in an acid electrolyte bath, then running an electrical current through it.  This process isn’t like a coating, instead it’s fully integrated into the substrate.  This prevents peeling and chipping.  To make the part more aesthetically pleasing coloring and a sealant can be added.  The main benefit of anodizing parts is for protection.

3M’s product works for the three most common anodizing processes.

  • Chromic anodizing-is the thinnest anodic “coat” and absorbs less color when dyed

(as listed under 3Ms data sheet)

  • Metalworking components typically for Aerospace industry

  • Precision machine components

  • Welded components/ assemblies

  • As a paint/ primer base

  • Sulfuric anodizing-most common method and less expensive

(as listed under 3Ms data sheet)

  • Optical components

  • Hydraulic valve bodies

  • Military weapons

  • Computer and electronic enclosures

  • Mechanical hardware

  • Hard coat anodizing-low-maintenance durability and can be used in varying applications

(as listed under 3Ms data sheet)

  • Engine internal parts (e.g.cams, pistons)

  • Sliding parts

  • Hinge mechanism

  • Blast shields

The harsh chemical baths from the anodization process can be damaging to parts if gone unprotected.  As a partner with 3M, we can provide you with the best solutions to protect your parts.  Contact us today.