Compressed Sheets

Compressed Sheets


Compressed sheet products are available in various thicknesses from .015 to .125 inches. Compressed sheet products are made with multiple fillers such as aramid fibers and bound together with a binder which usually reflects a polymer type such as SBR rubber, EPDM rubber, or Nitrile Rubber. These products are designed to provide compressible layers of dense material in a flange joint. 



They typically can resist high temperatures and high pressures and perform extremely well over long periods of time. Many applications such as automotive, agricultural, construction, recreational, compressor, and pump systems use these materials.

Key Applications
  • Compressors
  • Pump Systems
  • Metallic Housing Seals
  • Flange Seals

Need A Sample?

PGC can provide material and adhesive samples for you to test the form, fit, and function of your application. Our engineers are here to assist with your requests.

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