Cellular Rubber

Cellular Rubber


Cellular rubber is available in similar base polymers like Solid Rubber but also is widely blended with 2 or 3 polymer types. This allows the material to exhibit some of the individual polymers unique properties together in one specific material. Sponge rubber is typically made by adding blowing agents to create cell structure in the material. 



The cells can be open or closed cell. This characteristic helps to determine if your sponge rubber will work in a liquid-tight application or keep out dust, dirt, and moisture. Cellular Rubber products are found in almost all markets and products today. Examples include on and off-road vehicles, medical devices, LCDs, electronics, appliances, and filtration products in all vehicle types.

Key Applications
  • Filtration
  • Sound Abatement
  • Low Compression Force Gasket
  • Insulation

Need A Sample?

PGC can provide material and adhesive samples for you to test the form, fit, and function of your application. Our engineers are here to assist with your requests.

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