Why Asking the Right Questions Matters

August 8, 2018

Recently, PGC’s application engineers were working on a quote for a buyer who was purchasing a component from us on behalf of one of their customers. The quote was urgent—the buyer needed the quote that day; otherwise, they’d go with another vendor.

But the PGC team knew that to provide an accurate quote, they needed to follow the PGC 4D process: discover, diagnose, develop and deliver. The engineers were moving quickly, but they knew every step in the process was crucial to provide an accurate and complete quote.

Asking the Right Questions

During the discovery phase, the PGC team contacted the buyer’s engineer to get more details on what the customer needed. The buyer’s engineer told PGC the component must be made of a certain material and white in color. However, the buyer had provided a drawing of the component that had been black in color. Without following up with the buyer’s engineer, the PGC team would never had discovered this discrepancy.

The next day, the buyer called to ask after the quote the team was working on. Our engineers asked if the buyer had reached out to other vendors, and if so, if they could see the quote. The PGC team had a hunch the quote would be for a component made of black material. They were right.

Our engineers explained to the buyer that the quote was delayed because they had followed up with the buyer’s engineer and discovered the material in the drawing was incorrect. The customer needed the component in a white material, not a black one. Because of their commitment to the PGC 4D process, the PGC team was able to put the customer’s needs first. They also earned the opportunity to manufacture these parts.

The Right Questions Add Value

Imagine if PGC’s application engineers had rushed the quote without confirming the details with the buyer’s engineer. The customer, buyer, and PGC would have spent time and resources fabricating a component that ultimately would have to be rerun.

Our understanding of the end application of the component and our commitment to fully understanding the scope of every potential project demonstrates the value PGC brings to the table. Taking the time to ask the right questions in the discovery phase of our 4D process uncovers exactly what the customer needs and what they are asking of us. It’s a critical step in our process.

If you require a progressive solution for a custom gasket, seal, O-ring, or shielding, contact PGC today to start the 4D process.