What Our AS9100D Certification Means for Our Aerospace and Defense Customers

May 6, 2019

PGC is proud to serve manufacturers and other innovators in the aerospace and defense industry. PGC gaskets, seals, adhesives, and other custom solutions can be found on aerospace and defense equipment across the world.

Like our aerospace and defense customers, PGC is committed to producing components that can withstand stress and harsh environments without sacrificing safety. That is why we sought certification through the Society of Automotive Engineers, which creates standards for companies in the transportation, aerospace, and defense industries. Here’s a look at our AS9100D certification and how it improves our working relationship with you.

AS9001D Certification Defined

The AS9001D certification is titled “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations.” Manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors may work toward AS9001D certification. It is a company-wide certification that extends to the entire PGC team, from our engineering and prototyping teams to our fabrication crew.

To become certified, PGC had to demonstrate to a third-party certifier that we take steps to mitigate risks and improve safety, as well as confirm that no counterfeit parts are used in our fabrication process. Additionally, the AS9001D certification requires our operations to keep up with the aerospace market, including product safety innovations, planning for obsolescence, and adapting to change.

How AS9001D Certification Improves Customer Relationships

Our aerospace and defense customers can be confident that PGC is committed to safety, quality, and innovation at every step of the process. Our AS9001D certification is reviewed annually to ensure we’re keeping up with the changing demands and advances in the aerospace and defense industries.

When you partner with PGC to fabricate a custom gasket, seal, or other solution for your equipment, our AS9001D certification, as well as our 4D process, ensures we thoroughly understand your wants and needs so we can deliver a product that works flawlessly and safely in the field.

To see our expertise and process in action, visit our case study page. We’ve developed a high-performance deck seal for an aircraft carrier and a breakaway windshield for Humvees that’s helping to save the lives of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. For both of these projects, our AS9001D certification helped ensure we delivered the highest-quality product that could withstand the toughest of environments.

PGC looks forward to learning how we could provide you with a custom solution to your next aerospace or defense challenge. Contact the PGC team today to get started.