Susan Cary-Hanson

June 7, 2016

Native of: Minnesota

At PGC since: 1997

Originally: A registered nurse

Degrees in: Allied Health, Masters of Health and Human Administration

Passionate about: Safety, risk management, lifelong learning

Likes to: Design cards, scrapbook, travel, especially to San Francisco and Mexico… Read more

Steve Hanson

June 7, 2016

Native of: Minnesota

At PGC since: 1984

Purchased PGC in: 1996

Degrees in: Mechanical Engineering, Masters of Business Administration

Helped grow company from: 5 employees to 66 employees

Enjoys: Moving—on skis, on bike, in canoe, in running shoes, in ballroom… Read more

John Bower

June 7, 2016

Native of: Newcastle, UK, but has no detectable accent

At PGC since: 2013

Degrees in: Political Science & Communications

Whenever possible, can be found: With family, biking, skiing or golfing

Connoisseur of: Fine food and wine

Goes a little Read more

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