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SSP Fluorosilicones: Advantages, Applications, Types, and Specs

March 11, 2020

Fluorosilicones are silicone-based elastomers that contain fluorine additions for improved oil and fuel resistance. Like other silicone compounds, they exhibit excellent stability over a wide range of temperatures, typically from -60° C to +200° C. Fluorosilicones also provide good compression set and resilience, and can withstand ultraviolet (UV) light, ozone, and chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) supplies a complete line of fluorosilicones in a range of durometers (Shore A) and colors. Some SSP fluorosilicones contain fillers that impart or enhance certain properties. For example, SSP supplies particle-filled fluorosilicones for EMI shielding in industrial or military applications.  SSP also supplies MIL-R-25988B and SMS AMS 3326 fluorosilicones.

Industrial Fluorosilicones for EMI Shielding

SSP’s industrial or general-purpose silicones for EMI shielding contain nickel-graphite particles. This fill material provides a reliable, cost-effective alternative to compounds that contain pure silver or silver-coated particles.

ProductFillDurometer (Shore A)Tensile Strength (psi)Elongation (%)Tear B (ppi/min)Typical VR (ohm/cm)Third-Party Shielding Data
SSP-502F-50Nickel-Graphite5013047733.015130 dB
@ 100 MHz
SSP-502F-60Nickel-Graphite6022535045.020130 dB
@ 100 MHz


Military Fluorosilicones for EMI Shielding

For military applications, SSP supplies silver-aluminum fluorosilicones that meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-83528, Type D.

ProductFillDurometer (Shore A)Tensile Strength (psi)Elongation (%)Typical VR (ohm/cm)QPL?Third-Party
Shielding Data?
SSP-2486-70*Silver-Aluminum70330245.005Yes137.4 dB @ 80 MHz
SSP-550-45Silver-Aluminum45185350.002No137.8 dB @ 80 MHz


*SSP-2486-65 is the only QPL listed product that meets all the requirements of Type D. The other materials have not been fully tested.


MIL-R-25988B and SMS AMS 3326 Fluorosilicones

SSP also supplies military and aerospace fluorosilicones that meet the requirements of MIL-R-25988B and SAE AMS 3326.

ElastomerMIL-R-25988B CalloutsProduct Specifications
Product No.TypeClassGradeDurometer (Shore A)Tensile Strength (psi)Elongation (%)Tear B (ppi/min)


Choose Fluorosilicones from SSP

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) manufactures fluorosilicones for EMI shielding in industrial and military products, and for military and aerospace applications that require MIL-R-25988B and SAE AMS 3326 materials.  Here at our facility in Ballston Spa, New York (USA), we can manufacture 1000 ft. of materials per day – the equivalent of 600 standard 15” x 20” sheets.

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