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A better approach

PGC is a manufacturer of gaskets, seals, adhesives, and other engineered parts for countless applications. Our facility is audited by some of the most demanding OEM brands in the world, who choose us for our manufacturing methods, quality processes, lean manufacturing standards and robust materials library.

But it’s not just how we make parts. It’s how we think about them. Our strategic and holistic approach helps our customers reduce costs, improve performance and bring better products to market faster.

PGC excels in:
  • Highly engineered applications
  • High volume applications
  • Rugged use, reliable and durable applications
  • Engineering innovation
  • Material innovation
  • Difficult manufacturing challenges
  • Maximum quality
  • Rigid specification and tolerances
  • Supply chain coordination and management
  • Multi-project management
  • On-time delivery

ITAR-registered, ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100D certified.

"PGC is proactive, hires great engineering contacts that focus on positive interactions with the customer, providing solutions (not just quotes) and they make sure my timelines are met."

Trusted by some of the most respected businesses in the world