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Gasket materials with unmatched sealing performance

PGC’s GC-Series materials are unique polyurethane foams delivering unmatched waterproof sealing performance under multiple open-close cycles, vibration and shock exposure, and large variations in temperature. These high-temp, high-pressure gasket materials offer a combination of robust elasticity, compression set resistance and a fine closed-cellular structure, making them an excellent choice for rugged IP and NEMA-rated sealing applications, such as:

  • Military vehicle windows
  • Optics housings
  • Portable electronics cases
  • Shock-resistant battery packs
For more information on PGC’s GC-Series advanced materials, check the links below:
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  • 20 standard density and thickness variations
  • Custom bun-splitting capabilities
  • Professional applications engineering support [? Not a sample]


ITAR-registered, ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100D certified.

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