PETG Plastic

July 15, 2020


PETG is a thermoplastic polyester plastic. The durability and flexibility of the product lends itself well to manufacturing everyday applications. The strength, ease of printability of the surface and color variety makes PETG useful across many industries and more of the advantages are listed below.

Advantages of PETG
• Sturdy
• Transparent
• Completely recyclable, can be repurposed indefinitely,
• Food and beverage safe
• Injection molded or extruded
• Cost effective
• Ease of fabrication
• Die cuts/punches easily
• Low forming temperature
• Can be thermoformed without pre-drying
• Can be sterilize
• FDA compliant
• Chemical resistant
• Self-extinguishing

Component Part Fabrication
PETG is available in flat sheets and rolls, making it an ideal material for manufacturing parts using the several cutting processes. PGC produces high quantities of die cut PETG component parts with low cost steel rule die tools. PGC digital knife cutting and laser cutting processes convert PETG into parts effectively without tooling, taking designs quickly from “art to part”. PETG is a common choice when using modern 3D printers. It has excellent layer adhesion, odorless and has very low shrinkage properties.

Common Applications for PETG
The material is prominently used in the food and beverage industry, but is also popular in construction, medical and manufacturing industries and retail. PGC customers have invented applications for PETG in their applications including, dust shields, clear lenses, folding cartons, housings, air baffles, structural parts, and windows. Because PETG is impact resistant (does not easily crack), low cost and easily converted into parts with low cost manufacturing methods, the design opportunities are exciting!