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Personal health and wellness is important to PGC!

August 8, 2016

At PGC, personal health and wellness plays an important role in our day to day activities.  On a weekly basis, our wellness committee purchases and prepares healthy snacks for our employees to enjoy on their breaks or throughout the day.  This could include, fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, yogurts, and nuts among other things. Amber Fennell, a member of the wellness committee says, “Offering a healthy alternative to the vending machine snack is an easy way to get people thinking about eating better and making better choices.”

PGC has a wellness center onsite and encourages their employees to take part in an organized work-out session every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  This session is led by the PGC personal trainer, Jon Howard.  Jon provides an environment that is welcoming and challenging for anyone at any fitness level.  Please see the attached link to Jon’s website and testimonials on his time spent with PGC employees.

PGC prides itself on providing different ways for their employees to stay healthy, relieve stress and get fit. It also builds relationships among the different teams at PGC.  Anyone from any department can use the space so you are able to build relationships with employees that you wouldn’t normally see during your workday.

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