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CO-CEO Susan Cary-Hanson’s Feature in Enterprise Minnesota

May 16, 2017

PGC’s Co-CEO Susan Cary-Hanson was featured in the 2017 summer issue of Enterprise Minnesota, where she spoke about her high standards for providing a culture where employee’s feel satisfied and welcome.  Overall, she would rather “have employees have friends at work, because the more friends they have at work, the more difficult it is to leave… Our employees do a lot of celebrations together that we don’t even know about, but I think that’s wonderful, and I’d rather have that”.  To create this atmosphere, there are many different aspects that have been revamped internally, but the centerpiece of PGC’s employee-based priorities comes from their innovative performance-based paid-time-off incentives.  Staff can earn extra vacation weeks by accomplishing objective on a division scorecard, which is a huge incentive to build teamwork within divisions and meet company goals.

Read the full article here: Enterprise Minnesota – Summer 2017 – Company Loyalty

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