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20 Year Anniversary of Ownership for PGC

August 23, 2016

Steve Hanson and Susan Cary-Hanson, PGC’s Co-CEO’s, recently celebrated owning and operating the business for twenty years.  Steve and Susan purchased PGC in April of 1996 from Tom Jamieson and has since grown the company from approximately 20 employees to, most recently, just over 80. They have transformed PGC from simply a die cutting job shop to a company that offers a unique combination of engineering and manufacturing expertise in sealing, protection, noise dampening and stabilizing solutions.  Steve and Susan have invested in the future of PGC by creating a team of over 12 engineers that enhance innovation and accelerate time to market for our customers.

With all of the changes and new faces that PGC has brought on over the years, there are some that have stayed consistent.  PGC has seven employees that were here when Steve and Susan bought the company in 1996 and are still here today.  The loyalty that these employees have to PGC is evident when they talk about this organization.  “The owners and co-workers at PGC have gotten me through some extremely tough times.  To me, they aren’t just the people I work with, they’re family!” shares Starr Van De Vere employee since January 1989.  Rich Davenport and Sharon Sam, both started at PGC in 1995, say the same thing, “I love the fact that PGC is a small enough company that you aren’t a number. When you’re here, you have a name and the people are like family.”



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