Meet the Team: Women in Manufacturing

September 3, 2020



Women in Manufacturing 

Women make up nearly one third of the manufacturing workforce in the United States. A common misconception is that women can’t do the job due to the “physical” nature and that is certainly not the case. Women continue to be underrepresented in the manufacturing world and is a pool of untapped talent. Women are working on the production line and in some cases running their own manufacturing businesses.

Meet the Team
Today we peek inside our manufacturing floors to speak to some of the women on the team. The experience and knowledge that some of the women on our manufacturing team hold is impressive. We talked to Vanthy and Sharon who have a combined experience of over 30 years to get some of their thoughts on the industry.

1.How long have you worked at PGC?
2.What do you like about the manufacturing industry?
3.What advice would you get a woman who is new to the manufacturing industry?
4.What are the biggest misconceptions that women have about working in manufacturing?
5.What skills do you feel are the most critical to succeeding in manufacturing today?

1.21 years
2.She enjoys the fast paced work environment that manufacturing offers.
3.When learning the skills necessary to be a competent manufacturing operator you must listen first and ask a lot of questions until you understand what is needed.
4.The misconception that manufacturing is limited to men. Women can perform the necessary manufacturing duties needed to get the job done.
5.You must have some mechanical skills, be efficient with your customer orders, be hard working and have good attention to detail.

1. 25 years
2. Sharon enjoys the challenges that manufacturing brings.
3. Learn as much as you can, when in doubt ask questions.
4. The misconception that manufacturing is very physical, it can require critical thinking rather than physical hard work.
5. You must have a basic knowledge of math and be an effective communicator.