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Fluorosilicone PSA for Aerospace

October 14, 2019


A company that manufactures specialized connectors and electronic components for military/defense, aerospace, commercial aviation, and medical device industries suddenly lost its connector seal supplier. The manufacturer called PGC to request a set of custom seals for its components. PGC … Read more

3M LCD Screen & VHB Tape

February 14, 2018


A manufacturer of medical devices hired PGC to create a solution for fastening a glass LCD screen to the plastic body of an infusion pump, to help the device withstand the rigors of heavy use and daily cleaning. When … Read more

MIST Ultrasound

February 14, 2018


Using low-frequency waves to painlessly kill bacteria and stimulate cell growth, MIST Ultrasound Therapy is transforming wound treatment—and medical device companies are rushing to get MIST products on the market to meet increasing demand. One of these companies approached … Read more

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