Shoe Insert Aids in Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

January 19, 2022


A customer of PGC develops orthotic components and products for functionality and comfort. They were searching for the best performing material to help with ankle foot orthosis (AFO). AFO devices are used to help maintain proper alignment and improve … Read more

Fluorosilicone PSA for Aerospace

October 14, 2019


A company that manufactures specialized connectors and electronic components for military/defense, aerospace, commercial aviation, and medical device industries suddenly lost its connector seal supplier. The manufacturer called PGC to request a set of custom seals for its components. PGC … Read more

3M LCD Screen & VHB Tape

February 14, 2018


A manufacturer of medical devices hired PGC to create a solution for fastening a glass LCD screen to the plastic body of an infusion pump, to help the device withstand the rigors of heavy use and daily cleaning. When … Read more

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