Soft Density Mil Spec Materials

April 24, 2020


A company that pioneers in the design, development, build, and support of some of the world’s most advanced military aircraft, spacecraft, and cyber security systems required a large set of parts created for testing. This company had worked with … Read more

Fluorosilicone PSA for Aerospace

October 14, 2019


A company that manufactures specialized connectors and electronic components for military/defense, aerospace, commercial aviation, and medical device industries suddenly lost its connector seal supplier. The manufacturer called PGC to request a set of custom seals for its components. PGC … Read more

Breakaway Windshield

June 7, 2016


Over the course of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, many soldiers have lost their lives in Humvee rollovers, when doors were jammed and they were trapped inside. The Department of Defense requested ideas from contractors to address the problem. … Read more

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