How PGC Saves Energy—and Money—through Minnesota’s Conservation Improvement Program

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December 19, 2018

Recently, PGC co-CEO Steve Hanson spoke with the leaders of the Minnesota Commerce Department’s Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) about how PGC has leveraged the CIP program to save money and energy. Here are some of the most memorable parts of the interview.

CIP: To get an idea of the type of organizations that participate in the CIP program, can you tell us a little about PGC?

Steve: PGC’s mission is to be a triple-bottom-line company and meet our commitment to our People, our Planet, and our opportunities to become more Profitable. We have been supplying critical engineered rubber and plastic parts to high-tech OEM manufacturers for 68 years. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise in sealing, protection, noise damping, and stabilizing enhances innovation and accelerates time-to-market for our customers.

CIP: How has CIP contributed to your triple-bottom-line mission?

Steve: Making a difference for our planet is one of PGC’s stated missions. Carbon reduction is difficult for a manufacturing company to achieve, given the momentum behind our global use of carbon. Any decision we make to reduce our carbon footprint is logical and simple to make.

CIP: What energy cost savings has PGC experienced through its participation in the CIP program?

Steve: We now save more than $20,000 annually on our electricity bill after using CIP to invest in LED lighting.

CIP: Wow! What are you doing with all that extra cash?

PGC’s customers expect us to stay ahead of technological changes, and we always strive to add more value for them. We reinvest our energy savings into our R&D program to improve our ability to become a value-added engineering partner for our customers, integrating their needs with the best manufacturing, distribution, and project technologies.

CIP: What do your employees think of the new lighting?

Steve: In our manufacturing space, the improved lighting makes it easier for our team members to work. They can more easily see what they are doing because the LED lighting provides greater lumens. Our employees also think the new lighting is attractive from a style and modernization perspective, including our sleek fixtures and the light beams themselves.

PGC is proud to participate in the Conservation Improvement Program. Not only has it improved our productivity and work environment, it’s empowered us to invest more resources into high-value solutions for our customers.

To learn more about the CIP program or how PGC can partner with your company, contact the PGC team at (952) 942-6711.