How PGC Reduced its Labor Costs by 50%

January 11, 2021




PGC used a Delta ModTech Crusader® to move its converting process from multiple passes to a single-pass. The impact on its labor costs hours was just one of the many benefits.

Precision Gasket Company (PGC) is a leader in creating die cutting solutions to manufacture complex parts. But they wanted to produce those parts more effectively and efficiently. With the help of Delta ModTech, they did — reducing labor costs by 50%.

At their core, they have been a die cutter, producing products through a number of different production stations on their manufacturing floor. “We have a machine for everything, from prototype samples to major productions,” said Sales Application Engineer Dan Ganfield. This flexibility has been a company strength, but the PGC team knew there also had to be a more efficient alternative to the multiple production stations. They just weren’t sure what it was.

PGC was excited to work with Delta Modtech to bring you this case study.  We continue to benefit from adding the Delta Modtech Crusader to our manufacturing floor.  The full case study can be found here .