Custom Die-Cutting Solutions for Any End Application

4d process
September 11, 2018

It may have gotten a humble start in the shoemaking industry, but today, die-cutting is an essential step in many parts fabrication projects. Die-cutting empowers PGC to create precision components efficiently and economically. Here’s how.

All Die-Cutting Projects Start with Our 4D Process

We talk a lot about our 4D process: discover, diagnose, develop, and deliver. That’s because it is at the heart of every project we complete. Die-cutting is no exception. During the 4D process, our application engineers will ask you questions to determine your needs and the timeline for your project. Then, our manufacturing engineers will develop a plan to manufacture your part that includes the appropriate die-cut press to use with your materials for an efficient and cost-effective solution.

A Look at PGC’s Die-Cutting Capabilities

The end applications of the parts we manufacture are diverse. Some parts are fabricated from heavy-duty, low-cost materials that can stand up to decades of hard work. Other parts are destined for delicate machinery with very tight tolerances for variability.

That’s why PGC has five types of die-cutting presses as well as digital knives and a laser on our shop floor. Each accommodates a range of material types, volume, and tooling capabilities so we can deliver components that are made precisely for their end applications.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of our manufacturing processes in action. Our laser is lightning fast and enables us to quickly and easily cut parts for prototyping. Our digital knife workcenters can create complex parts without the expense of tooling. Their precision and flexibility helps us maximize the use of high-cost materials, as well. Have a high-volume component or a part with very tight tolerances? Our matched metal tooling capability enables us to complete your project precisely and efficiently.

Put Our Die-Cutting Capabilities to Use on Your Next Project

Die-cutting has come a long way from cutting shoe leather. If your part requires a custom die-cutting solution, let PGC be your partner in precision. Contact us today to learn more about our die-cutting capabilities.