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How do you prevent a gasket blowout?

October 14, 2021

Blowout can lead to a catastrophic failure, caused by the unplanned escape of the contained material.   The liquid, gas or other hazardous material that is released can cause a dangerous environment.   Ensuring the success of a gasket is important to … Read more

What can affect the shelf life of a rubber material?

September 16, 2021


An often-overlooked issue, rubber is highly reactive to certain storage environments, resulting in reduced performance over time.  To defend the rubber properties needed for your engineering application, planning optimal storage will prolong its stability and reduce the rate of … Read more

What is a kiss cut?

August 16, 2021


A kiss cut is a “light” cut that can be made with a die or laser.  It only penetrates the top layer and not the pressure sensitive adhesive liner or substrate layer.  It merely “kisses” the liner sheet.  The … Read more

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