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3M Promotional Scooter

Tape-Assembled Scooter Shows off 3M™ VHB™ Tape Form and Function.
Tape Connector Parts

Commercial & Heavy Duty


Promotional Scooter


3M™ VHB™ Tape Connector Parts


3M approached PGC with a cool idea: Let’s make a scooter assembled and held together exclusively with 3M™ VHB™ Tape. The scooter would showcase the strength and versatility of 3M VHB Tape, which eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners. The scooter parts would be sent across the world in DIY kits, inviting people to experience first-hand the ease of use and practicality of 3M VHB Tape, and inspiring them to create new applications for the high-strength, flexible foam adhesive.



When 3M asked PGC to partner on the project, 3M had already designed and manufactured the eight scooter parts, made of metal, plastic and wood composite. PGC was challenged to:

  • Engineer the 3M VHB Tape parts to work with the existing scooter parts.
  • Make the 3M VHB Tape components attractive. Typically, 3M VHB Tape parts are hidden. But for the scooter, some of them would be on display. It was important for the 3M VHB Tape liner that would show through the clear plastic standing deck and handlebar stem to look sharp.
  • Make the scooter easy to assemble. A key objective of the project was to demonstrate that 3M VHB Tape is userfriendly. To prove this point, PGC would have to develop the   parts for easy assembly.


In collaboration with 3M, PGC engineers created a series of 3M VHB Tape parts to connect the eight previously manufactured scooter parts. In developing each 3M VHB Tape piece, PGC had to think beyond the manufacturing stage, to consider application and assembly. Customers familiar with 3M VHB Tape might be able to peel away the liner without damaging the tape. But the goal was to make the scooter easy for anyone to assemble. To accomplish this, PGC added tabs to the liner of each 3M VHB Tape part.

To highlight the visible 3M VHB Tape on the standing deck and handlebar stem, PGC cut through the red liner, but not through the material, leaving behind a sleek 3M logo.


3M came to PGC with a vision, and PGC helped bring it to life. The finished scooter is everything 3M hoped it would be: impressively engineered, visually striking, and easy for users to assemble. It’s also a powerful marketing tool for inspiring remarkable new uses of 3M VHB Tape.

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