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What is a kiss cut?

August 16, 2021


A kiss cut is a “light” cut that can be made with a die or laser.  It only penetrates the top layer and not the pressure sensitive adhesive liner or substrate layer.  It merely “kisses” the liner sheet.  The … Read more

Why are tolerances on part dimensions important?

July 13, 2021


The tolerance of a part’s dimensions is critical information when determining the part’s ability to fit with other parts in an assembly.  It’s the acceptable deviation between the maximum and minimum size of the part.  With this information the … Read more

Keeping up with Demand: Third Zund Added

June 18, 2021

PGC Digital Cutting: An advanced converting technology platform with robust engineering and automation capabilities.

As a leading manufacturer of cutting/converting solutions for over 70 years, PGC has been developing digital cutting technology for two decades.   Today, PGC has several defined … Read more