Meet the Team: Amber – Director of Sales & Marketing

March 22, 2022

I have worked at PGC for nearly 8 years and am currently the Director of Sales & Marketing.  My role supports growth and development of PGC through planning, directing, and coordinating the distribution or development of a product and/or service … Read more

Different Die-Cutting Techniques at PGC

February 17, 2022

Different Die-Cutting Techniques at PGC

Converting raw material into the part you need takes the right technique and precision cutting.  We work with highly engineered materials including composites, foam, rubber, plastics, adhesives, thermal material and much more.  We take your … Read more

Zero Landfill Organization

January 14, 2022

PGC is always looking for ways to improve our performance for People, Planet and Profit.  Recently, we achieved a goal of becoming a, “Zero Landfill Organization”. This means that we have moved away from having our facility use landfills for … Read more