Keeping Up With Demand: Rotary Die Press

February 22, 2023


Assisting our customers in getting their products to market faster continues to be a top priority at PGC. While supply chain and material delays continue to cause disruptions, it is vital to proactively search for solutions that cut down … Read more

Workplace Safety at PGC

October 27, 2022


If you take a walk through a manufacturing facility, you may notice several things: loud machines moving faster than a blink of an eye, different sizes and shapes of materials stacked on rolling carts, forklifts moving product from one … Read more

Common Splicing Methods Used in Gasket Production

August 31, 2022

Splicing is when two ends of material are joined together to create a continuous part. These materials are usually supplied in a coil, roll, or strip. Splicing is often used to fabricate rubber O-Rings from a cut to length cord … Read more

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