Antimicrobrial Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

October 7, 2020


PGC partners with some of the best companies to bring you the custom engineered solutions you need, with quick turnaround time, high-value material technology, and advanced support. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to solve for high-touch areas. With schools and businesses reopening, so increasing safety for everyone becomes ever more important. Recognizing this need, companies have started developing materials that work harder to make your environment safe. One technological advancement is pressure sensitive adhesive backed film materials with antimicrobial properties that protect against a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, and mildew. With new technologies come new questions, and PGC’s engineers are here to answer them. Throughout each stage of your project, we provide you with ongoing support to solve every challenge rapidly with the best solution. We custom fabricate the material into your critical shapes and sizes to fit your application, including effective assembly systems. Our quick response time and rapid production help you get to market faster.

• Transportation (Airlines/Trains/Transit Authorities): Touch screens, tray tables, handrails, seat backs.
• Hospitality/Hotels: Touch Screens, elevators, lobby area (desks, tables, etc.)
• Schools: Desks, cafeteria counters, handrails, door handles, etc.
• Commercial & Residential Appliance Manufacturers
• Department Stores
• Gas Stations
• Grocery Stores
• Restaurants
• Gyms
• Entertainment (Amusement Parks, Top Golf, Bowling Alleys, Movie Theatres, etc.)

We’re here to do our part and work with you to make the world safer for us all. We welcome your questions! Contact us today.