5 Innovative Noise and Vibration Control Solutions Now Available When You Partner with PGC

October 1, 2018

As your partner in precision, PGC is always developing new solutions and capabilities to provide you with a better end product. We’re excited to announce a new international partnership that will empower us to continue to provide you with innovative sealing, noise and vibration control solutions.

Introducing Getzner Sealing and Noise/Vibration Damping Solutions

Austria-based Getzner has provided noise and vibration control solutions to the European market since 1969. Its polyurethane products improve the service life of bedded components in a range of industries, including railway and construction end-use applications.

PGC partnered with Getzner to develop new products from their core capabilities just for you and other companies based in the United States. We are proud to be one of just seven distributors of these versatile, economical products. Our Sylodyn® GC solutions have been tested by UL Laboratories and earned the UL94 HBF, UL JMST2 and UL50E certifications.

Sylodyn® GC Closed-Cell Elastomers

One of the Getzner solutions PGC can now offer you is Sylodyn® GC. It’s a closed-cell elastomer ideal for end use applications that require toughness, durability, and excellent sealing and good vibration control. Sylodyn® GC has low creep tendency, low residual deformation, and model’s excellent recovery properties. It exhibits minimal water absorption and is PSA-friendly.

Sylomer® GC Open-Cell Elastomer

Sylomer® GC, a brand-new product offering this year, provides similar, yet different performance enhancements when compared to Sylodyn® GC. An economical alternative to Sylodyn GC, its open cell construction offers lower compressive loading requirements, while combining spring and damping characteristics. Excellent elasticity and fatigue strength allow this material to be cycled repeatedly, returning to its original shape and thickness with ease. It is PSA-friendly and resistant to UV light, making it ideal for applications where it is exposed to sunlight or other sources of UV light.

Sylomer® Mixed-Cell Elastomers

Sylomer® and Sylomer HD elastomers are mixed cell products that focus on end-use applications where extremely high visco-elastic properties are needed. These materials are available in a much lower density range and softness. Combining the ideal properties of compressibility and compression resistance, along with superior damping characteristics, Sylomer® & Sylomer® HD materials durability combined with its excellent damping performance, solves problems other materials can’t match.

Sylodamp® Mixed-Cell Structure

Sylodamp® elastomers are a mixed-cell product designed where additional damping properties that cannot be achieved using Sylomer and Sylomer HD products are required. It behaves in most applications as a highly pressurized spring. Benefits are reduced loads caused by impacts, reduces impact-induced structure born noise, and damping of components or structures. This is the ultimate in spring and damping materials from Getzner.

PGC is excited to share all of the end-application uses these innovative products can offer you. Contact us today to discuss your noise and vibration control needs. Through our 4D process, we’ll determine if one of our new Getzner solutions is right for your project.