Rubber in the Aerospace and Aircraft Industry

December 14, 2021

The many unique properties of rubber include its strength, resiliency, chemical/water and heat resistance.  These properties make rubber an excellent engineering material choice that can withstand the range of environmental challenges that come with the aerospace and aircraft industry.  The … Read more

What are self-adhesive gaskets?

November 16, 2021


Self-adhesive gaskets have a pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to one surface with a removable release liner covering and protecting it.  Developing a gasket with an adhesive backing can be helpful in assembly when the gasket needs to be fitted … Read more

How do you prevent a gasket blowout?

October 14, 2021

Blowout can lead to a catastrophic failure, caused by the unplanned escape of the contained material.   The liquid, gas or other hazardous material that is released can cause a dangerous environment.   Ensuring the success of a gasket is important to … Read more

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